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 A warm welcome awaits anyone who has come to our shop and anyone else who has yet to visit us.  

Come and browse, tell us about the things you love reading, and share the wonderful world of books. Click  About Us to Register to our newsletter.

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  • Whether you enjoy a good crime, with all the twists and turns of the detective and criminal.
  • A good romance, with the perfect blend of emotional  complexity.
  • A historical drama, with the power of kings and queens.
  • A fantasy/scfi, with the hero triumphing over a great evil.
  • A children book to make you laugh out loud.
  • Or a biography with wit and charm.

Books On The Hill would like to warmly welcome you and together share our passion for literature.

May Crime Month
Come and sleuth with us with our Murder Mystery Trail

Great events throughout the month:

7.00 PM 31st May  Chis Ewan  & Clare Donoghue

The finale  of our Crime Month this May will end with the Crime panel with Chis Wean and Clare Donoghue. Both outstanding Authors, who both work very well in discussing the genre, there own writing and their motivations.
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Ben Kane was a great speaker as usual.

Tiger And The Wolf

Imagine a world where everyone is a shape-shifter, where people can shift skins as easily as thought. Deer, Boar, Horse, Crocodile. And, battling for supremacy at the icy Crown of the World, the Tiger and the Wolf.

Maniye is a remarkable heroine, conflicted and doubting, but determined and courageous at the same time, facing a conflict within her that she knows could drive her insane.

The world is rich with detail, with the clash of cultures though through at every step, from the trade-minded people of the Horse to the savage (Komodo) dragon-pirates of the far south – the interplay between enslaved Dragon Venater and his captor Asmander, a man torn between his loyalty to an unloving father and his desire to do the right thing, is a delight to read.

 The Bear Who Stares

One of our favorite Children Books so far. And from a local author too.

The illustrations are fantastic. The story -- what can we say -- I'm chortling all the way through. 

  Duncan Beedle  came to sign and read his book -- The Bear Who Stared.

 It was so much fun. This kids really enjoyed making their masks and roaring at passers-bye.

Book Binding Demonstration 

We had a great time Trevor Hunt of Moorside Letterpress does these beautiful notebooks for us.

The demonstration of book binding was fun and informative. He encouraged anyone to join in and they will be coming home with little notebook they've hand stitched themselves.

John Llewellyn Probert's Book Launch

John Llewellyn Probert's joined us with his new novella - Dead Shift -  John was great in his reading he began to get a slight hand cramp as he did so many signings. Everyone enjoyed a glass of wine. It was a brilliant  books launch.

Great time with World Book Day With Huw Powell 

We had a great event this World Book Day with Huw Powell at St Peter's Primary School in Portishead. There were so many kids dressed up in fancy costume. I saw star wars Stormtroppers, Harry Potter and other Hogwarts students. With imagination comes great fun.

Avon Owls has  flown!

Avon Owls joined us at 11.00 am on Saturday 23rd January.  As you can see even Athena thought Books on the Hill is a Hoot with Books Are My Bag. It was a wonderful day with Athena, she stayed until 5.00pm. Lots of children and even giddier adults.

Christmas Was Fun For All

Civilized Saturday  


 Signing with Julian Hight on the 28th of November


We will having Cake and Tea, come and join us and meet Julian Hight with his brilliant books World Tree Story. Loads of spectacular photos and stories/mythology surrounding  the trees of the world.  Come and relax with us and forget about Black Friday and find the better way to shop.

    We are 1 year old this Saturday 29th August!

     Come and join us. There will be Cake, Drinks, Children's Activities, a Quiz. 

We went to the Gemmell Awards!

Above left  is us truly, with Stan Nicholls, a famous author, who has sold over a million books and is one of the organizers the Gemmell Awards. Also above on the left is the Legend Award,  created by the guys at Raven Armoury.

The winner of the awards are as follows: 

(Best cover art)
Sam Green for Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson (Gollancz)

(Best debut)
The Emperor's Blades by Brian Stavely (Pan Macmillan/Tor UK)

(Best novel)
Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson (Gollancz)

We had a great time, meeting authors and publishers. In particular we enjoyed meeting one of our favorite book authors at the shop Genevieve Cogman, with her book 'The Invisible  Library'.

Clevedon Has It!

On Sunday 2nd August we had great music by Jerry Turner again. Listen to Jerry strumming his instrument and tap your feet and clap your hands to the music.

We had a great day on the 2nd of August. There was a real buzz in the air. Looking forward to the next one on the 6th of September. Clevedon Has it - come and see it, come and join it.

Huw Powell is coming to Books on the Hill to sign "The Lost Sword."

Huw Powell who joined us on the 5th March, World Book Day event at Clevedon School, which included three schools attending two sessions. We reached hopefully almost 300 pupils in total, from, Yeo Moor, St Nicholas Chantry and Clevedon School.

Huw did a 45 minute to an hour talk with the students, including drawing a space pirate to the pupils ideas, including a 14 eyed rhinoceros on the pirates shoulder.

The whole event was a brilliant success, with the pupils really enjoying themselves and interacting with the author.

We are happy to say that Huw is coming back to Clevedon and joining us in our shop.

The winner of Clevedon Has It Sunday 5th July competition was Sam Crane.

Sam won around £200 worth of goodies from her partaking in the Clevedon Has It Sunday opening. Sam who enjoys coming to the Hill and Sea area came shopping and came away a winner.

The Hill and Sea area will be open again on Sunday 2nd of August and we hope a lucky shopper will become a winner too.

Local musician Jerry Turner at Books on the Hill. Great to have on Clevedon Has It Sunday opening. Sit back and listen :)

Ben Mears Book Signing Saturday 4th July 

Ben Mears, a local author is coming to sign his 9-16 of age children books: the Brilliant Tyler May series. Signing starts at 11.00 am. 

One reviewer from many 5 star ratings has said:

 "Bright new ideas and its fast moving plot made this book a delight to read. Just when I thought I had a handle on where the story was heading I was surprised again with yet another turn in the plot. This series will be loved by fans of Potter. "

Books on the Hill Book Club coming in September

Books on the Hill will be starting a Book Club at the shop in September. The proposed day and time will be the first Tuesday of a month and starting at 6:30. It will be a monthly Book Club. Doing a 6 month cycle of different genres. The last month being a Pick & Mix show & tell, where everyone can choose a book they'd like to read and come back and tell everyone about it. These we hope will become Book Club Reviews and be posted on our website.  Of course there will be Tea, Coffee and Cake.

If interested please do contact us through our Website inquiry form, or give us an email at:

Ben Kane came to Clevedon!

The Sunday Time Bestselling authors, Ben Kane did a great talk  on his latest Novel: Eagles at War and his experiences walking for charity in Roman uniform for charity in 2013 and 2014.

Ben was  great speaker and brought in roman military equipment to see, including shield and javelin.


Numbers is a chilling adventure about a girl who has a unique ability. When ever she looks into somebody's eyes, she sees a number. A number that is the date they are going to die. It is a fiction but with some very real components to it. I would highly recommend this book to others and it has quite a surprising and chilling ending which really makes you want to read the next book.

Read more

Abbie Ross and Alison Rattle 

On Saturday 21st of March, at the Chistchurch Hall, we had a marvellous time with Abbie Ross and Alison Rattle, talking about the differences in writing fact and fiction, their motivations and joys and pet hates of writing. 

Both Abbie and Alison were great speakers and the lovely audience were  engaged to their words from the very beginning.   

Alison Rattle

Back again in Victorian somerset Alison spent her day in Hill Road at Books on the Hill. Alison enjoyed meeting those who came to see her at last year's signing with her book set in Clevedon: The Madness. She also warmly welcomed those who have just begun their journey with her brilliant books.

It was a great day and we had lots of fun with Alison.

Sophie E Tallis 

A Famous fantasy author, Sophie Tallis, has spent a day at a Clevedon bookshop where she met fans and signed copies of her books.

Bristol-born Sophie, author of the epic White Mountain fantasy series, attended Books on the Hill in Hill Road where she was welcomed enthusiastically by both fiction and non-fiction fans in the town.

Her White Mountain cakes were a lovely and fun touch that amused everyone.

Sophie herself was brilliant and everyone enjoyed talking to her as they browsed the shop.

Kev Sutherland Comic Artist of the Beano

A WELL-KNOWN comic artist has held an art masterclass at Books On The Hill in Clevedon.

Kev Sutherland, whose illustrations have appeared in comics including The Beano, gave tips on comic book drawing to 22 children at the Hill Road store whic

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