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Join Alistair as he shares his thoughts, knowledge and experience, as well as overviews of recent events.

Alistair launches a kickstarter to fund dyslexic friendly books for adults

In this blog, Alistair talks about setting up a crowdfunding initiative via "Open Dyslexia" and how this aims to expand accessible reading options for adults with dyslexia.

Alistair urges publishers to take on the 1% challenge

In this blog Alistair promotes accessible reading for dyslexic individuals, urging publishers to create 1% of adult books in dyslexic-friendly formats. It emphasises joy in reading and seeks industry and charity support.

We’re Love Reading’s ‘Bookshop of the Month’

In this interview for Love Reading, Alistair discusses his shop's dyslexic-friendly focus, local literary connections, and a publishing venture for accessible books. He shares his passion for books, favourite recommendations, and personal history with dyslexia.

Dr Alistair Sims receives Points of Light Award

Sidcot School alum Dr. Alistair Sims received the Points of Light Award for founding 'Books on the Hill,' a Clevedon bookshop promoting dyslexic-friendly fiction, inspiring a new approach to dyslexia awareness. In this blog, Alistair shares with us some memories of his time at Sidcot.