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A Girl Can Dream

By Anne Bennett

A Girl Can DreamHave you ever considered the work and complex relationships behind the work of the Women's Land Army?

This book is a fictional portrayal highlighting the respected and valuable work carried out by the Women's Land Army throughout Second World War. This is suitable for both teenage and adult audiences; but does have some complex but not explicit sexual content. The language is unpretentious and makes this book easy to read and this combined with a good range of engaging characters makes it what I consider to be a "Good Read"

The story line revolves around a girl on the cusp of later adolescence who assumes a great responsibility on the death of her mother. She endures emotional set-backs regarding her family and one of her coping methods are to join the Land Army

The main emphasis is on the coping mechanisms of the main character Meg and the complex relationships between siblings are explored on a superficial level. It continues to delve into the complexities of relationships under the strain of war. The book provides a valuable and absorbing look into the life of a young girl during the war years

It is difficult not to like the author with her unassuming compassionate style. Of course, there are some weaknesses in the book, regarding the depth of plot. The structure is a little unsophisticated. Also while the author answers many questions on certain levels, she invites even more appertaining to complex relationships and how they would affect your own judgement.

This is a very readable book that allows you some escapism without taxing your emotions, is easy to read and has an insight into lives and how they were affected by the Second World War.