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The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden

By Jonas Jonasson

The Girl Who Saved The King of SwedenThis novel by Jonas Jonasson is not your typical diamond in the rough, but a black diamond. This second novel by Jonasson follows a larger than life cast, including the main protagonist Nombeko, a Soweto shantytown girl who has a thing for numbers; twin brothers, whom brother number one's life is dedicated to dethroning the king, while brother number two technically doesn't exits. Joining them are three Chinese sisters whom have a penchant for poisoning dogs and selling china geese; as well as two Mossad agents and the angriest woman there has ever been.

This story tells of the events of Nombeko's life, from the Johannesburg slums, to south Africa's nuclear program, and finally to Sweden, where she saves the king. Along the way she interacts with an assortment of 'characters' – there is no other way to put it.

Jonasson makes the reader laugh despite the tragedy that is displayed, with the realities of apartheid and of those who lived it. It is a black comedy that will make you guilty for laughing, but does not condemn you for doing so. You will laugh loud and long.

The Girl Who Saved The Kind Of Sweden is "A black diamond in the rough."