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The King in the North

By Max Adams

The King In The NorthWhilst studies into the “Dark Ages” continue to evolve and our understanding of those times increases, the period between the time the romans left and the rise of the great Anglo Saxon kingdoms is still shrouded in the mists of time.

The King In The North guides us through this changeable half glimpsed landscape. We learn not just the rise of Oswald the king of the combined Bernicia and Deira, but also of his contemporaries. By following Oswald We learn of Dal- Raida and the Ionan monastic movement that gave rise to Lindisfarne and its gospels. We learn also of smaller lesser known kingdoms Elmet, Rheged and Lindsey, now almost forgotten.

But mostly what we learn is about people. In uncomplicated and accessible language, Max Adams introduces a cast of kings, monks, warriors and even those elusive creatures of the early medieval period, Queens.

This is more than a mere biography, this is a window onto the north of England at a most ephemeral stage in history. The author does not blind us with scholarly authority as any conjecture is rationalised but ultimately outlined as such, and all known facts are discussed with insight and common sense.

The King In The North reads like and epic and yet maintains its inherent grasp of history. An absolute must for history lovers.