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Dobble is a quick to learn, easy to play card game where players have to find the matching image as quickly as they can! Each Dobble card features various images, each card having just ONE symbol in common with all the other cards. Spotted that symbol? Then shout it out, loud and proud, and take, discard or place that card as quickly as possible. Quick thinking, a keen eye and a loud voice are all vital if you want to win a game of Dobble!

Dobble isn’t just one game either! There are FIVE different ways to play, each unique but each just as competitive as the others. These mini games add a real variety so there will be a Dobble mini-game to suit everyone’s tastes.

Dobble is that must have family game that will have you all clamouring for victory! What are you waiting for! Get your Dobble on!

Player count: 2-8
Time: 15 minutes
Age rating: 7+


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