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Being dyslexic doesn’t have to stop you from developing a strong love of reading.

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The font size, spacing and text was ideal for me as a dyslexic. I managed this book in one sitting, which was great.

Just ask Alistair, our owner and founder of BOTH Press, an independent publisher dedicated to producing books for adults with dyslexia.

Our range of dyslexic friendly books for adults and children use clear layouts, larger line spacing and wider margins to help readers follow the text more easily. And they’re all available online.

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Books for dyslexic children

Browse titles specifically for dyslexic children and reluctant readers.

Books for dyslexic readers
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Books for dyslexic adults

Explore dyslexic friendly books for adults published by BOTH Press.

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Nicole Vanderbilt, MD of

Reading for pleasure provides so many benefits to both children and adults. Independent bookshops are often on the front line of helping all readers find favourite books, but that requires the widest possible choice of books that everyone - including those with dyslexia - can choose from.

We really applaud this initiative coming from a bookshop that also publishes such great books for dyslexic adults.

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Frequently asked questions

Dyslexia is a learning difference that primarily affects reading and writing skills. The NHS estimates that up to 1 in every 10 people in the UK have some form of dyslexia. There are many people who are successful and are dyslexic like actor Orlando Bloom and the entrepreneurs Theo Paphitis.

Books that have been formatted or edited specifically for dyslexia. They have larger serif font (12pt or larger) such as Arial, Comic Sans, and Veranda, with larger spacing between paragraphs and sentences, cream paper and left aligned.

Books that are dyslexic friendly are formatted to make the text easier to read. This includes fonts such as Arial, Comic Sans and Verdana, (12pt +), larger spacing between paragraphs and sentences, left aligned and with cream paper. 

BOTH press use Verdana (at 12pt), with double line spacing and larger spacing between paragraphs and sentences. They are left aligned and printed on cream paper.

All these together reduce the processing needed to read.

There are two widely known publishers who produce dyslexic friendly books. Barrington Stokes publish book for children. BOTH press publish books for adults.

BOTH press use the tag line ‘Quick Read Dyslexic Friendly’.

You can tell that a book is dyslexic friendly generally from it formatting. They have larger serif font (12pt or larger) such as Arial, Comic Sans, and Verdana, with larger spacing between paragraphs and sentences, cream paper and left aligned. 

Barrington Stokes publish books for children up to and around the age of 14.

BOTH Press continues this on from  15+ to adults. 

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Gareth Powell

Books entertain and educate. They are hugely important in a literate society, and we have a responsibility to make them accessible for everyone.

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Peter James

It is initiatives such as the work BOTH is doing, that the condition for dyslexia is now catered for in fiction...

You can buy directly from BOTH press, which is part of Books on the Hill (bookshop). Or you can purchase them from all good booksellers, including

Books on the Hill always has a selection of dyslexic friendly books for children in store and you can buy from their page.

There are a number of different fonts that are used for dyslexic friendly books, generally they use larger serif font (12pt or larger) such as Arial, Comic Sans, and Verdana. 

Reading for people with dyslexia can be a challenge. There are many who through coping mechanisms become capable readers and with the right resources and encouragement. Reading for pleasure can be achievable for children and adults.

Reading can be difficult, but many individuals eventually become capable readers. Having the right resources, i.e dyslexic friendly formatted books, access to ebooks and audiobooks, to encourage reading is important. Reading for pleasure is certainly achievable for children and adults with dyslexia.

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Darren Clarke of Succeed with Dyslexia

This books shop is doing incredible things and helping people to fall in love with reading again.

I love the fact and the thought that has gone through on these [titles] with the spacing, the font, with the colour of the paper and the way that the book just flows.

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Need expert advice?

If you can’t find the answer to your question here or would like to speak to someone in the know about dyslexia and dyslexia friendly books, Alistair would love to hear from you. You can contact him here or pop into the shop.

Winner of the Community Shinning Star Award and the Innovation Award at the Dyslexia awards 2023
Winner of the Prime Minster's 'Point of Light' Award on World Book Day 2023