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BOTH Press (submissions closed)

Producing Books For Adults With Dyslexia


New 2022 collection Kickstarter starting June 7th 


BOTH Press is launching on June 7th 2022, their second Kickstarter "Open Dyslexia: the sequel" with more high-profile authors than ever before, lasting 30 days and finishing on the July 4th 2022. 

The Kickstarter aims to publish eight more titles of high-quality fiction from bestselling authors: including household names such as Bernard Cornwell and Peter James!

The line-up is full of many front-list authors such as Gareth Powell, J.M Alvey(aka Juliet Mckenna), Scott Oden, Snorri Krisjanason, and James Bennett.

Peter James will also be doing an introduction for the 2022 collection.  

BOTH aim to raise £16,000 + to publish 8 titles. As we know Kickstarter is a all or nothing crowdfunding, so we have set our first  target at 8,000 to make sure we get some of the titles published. But this is just one step in the journey we want to make with you.

Looking to the future we will need in excess of £20,000 a year to keep publishing 8 titles regularly. All fund go toward the book production/ life cycle,  to make them high quality in production, written by amazing authors and easily available to all.  

The line-up this year is amazing and we so excited for the chance to go ahead and publish them with your help!

There are very few initiatives for reading for pleasure for adults. The eight titles BOTH Press has already published are the only readily available dyslexic friendly fiction for adults in the UK and can be found in libraries and any bookshop. The scale of accessibility is not nearly enough, as around 10% of the UK population deal with some form of dyslexia.

Despite Jay Blades's (the Presenter of ‘Repair Shop’) unique telling of his own learning to read on the documentary ‘Learning To Read At 51’, which the BBC recently aired. There are still few or no resources for adult dyslexia. A glance at Adult dyslexics charity websites and reading charity websites indicates there are few resources on reading fiction for pleasure for adults with dyslexia.

The dyslexic blogger Suzy Taylor who write for Dyslexia Scotland said: It is frustrating that we now have children's books in dyslexic friendly formats. As adults we apparently do not require books in the same form."

There needs to be a choice for people to read for pleasure, where there are books designed to be friendly to them and are not dumbed down, are high quality and enjoyable fiction, which people can chat and socialise about with friends and family.


Darren Clarke, the director of Succeed with Dyslexia, said:

 "This books shop is doing incredible things and helping people to fall in love with reading again" [and] "I love the fact and the thought that has gone through on these [titles] with the spacing, the font, with the colour of the paper and the way that the book just flows."

In many ways it is positive in that we are there, easy to find and trail blazing. There needs to be a choice for people to read for pleasure, where there are books designed to be friendly to them and are not dumbed down, are high quality and enjoyable fiction, which people can chat and socialise about with friends and family. We should and must cater for these intelligent and amazing people.  

And so we have much work to do! And with your help we can do even more.


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We are a new publisher 'BOTH Press' to publish dysleixc friendly books for adults. We are passionate about helping people who have dyslexia, or have any difficulty with reading, to access the joy of good fiction. We aim to make exciting good quality fiction accessible to those not currently provided for by today’s traditional mass book market, furthermore we wanted to create a tool for our fellow booksellers to help those customers who deal with dyslexic and have difficulty reading. We are working with talented and award winning authors to publish titles of dyslexic friendly books for adults. I am a bookseller, and passionate about books and reading. 

We worked with a small team to make this all happen:

Alistair Sims 

Books on the Hill is Alistair Sims. He is the manager and commander-in-chief of the bookshop (though his partner, Chloe and his mother, Joanne, who set up the bookshop with him, may disagree with this description ). Alistair is dyslexic and has a PhD in history and archaelogy.  He struggled  to read  until he was 13 and is passionate about helping anyone who has difficulty reading. He is the driving force behind BOTH Press and  has been involved in every step in this project, from finding award winning authors to contribute, the cover design, and the road to publication, including setting up for distribution. 

Chrissey Harrison 

Books on the Hill  are collaborating with Chrissey Harrison, who is also an local author and member of North Bristol Writers Group. Chressey and Alistair have designed the bookcovers together, with Chrissey creating the finshed product we now look on at awe with. Nearly all the design work has been done by Chrissey, and she is also in charge of the printing process, typesetting and lialsing with the printer. We are so proud and appreciative to be working with her. 

Joanne Hall

Joanne Hall is an author, editor and formerly the Chair of BristolCon, Bristol’s premier (and only) science fiction and fantasy convention. We must give a huge thank you to Jo for proof reading the stories free of cost. 


What is Dyslexia? 

Dyslexia is a learning difference that primarily affects reading and writing skills. The NHS estimates that up to 1 in every 10 people in the UK have some form of dyslexia, while other dyslexic organisations believe 1 in 5 and more than 2 million people in the UK are severely affected Dyslexia does not stop someone from achieving. There are many people who are successful and are dyslexic. Famous actors, such as Orlando Bloom; Entrepreneurs like Theo Paphitis, and many, many more, including myself. All of who believe dyslexia has helped them to be where they are now. dyslexia, as I can attest to, does not go away. You don’t grow out of it.



We have Published 8 amazing books in our 2021 collection. You can find them on our BOTH Press shop page.

Click an author it will take you straight to their book! 




Watch my interview with Steven Savile, one of our award winning authors,




Wall of Heroes

Thank you everyone who has supported us. In partiular everyone who supported the kickstarter. Here is the start of our Wall of Heroes.

As we  send through the rewards, we keep adding to the wall, untill all the rewards are sent.   

Nicholas Castro, Matt Knepper,  Thomas Michael, A.E. Bross, John "Millionwordman" Dodd, E Ingham, Seph Gallistel, Kat M., Sarah Wallace, Daniel Officer, Donna Scott, Mike Nicholson, T Messingham, Kyle Matsumura, Tricia G, Cheryl Morgan, Paul Henderson, NHB,Deirdre O'Leary, Aedan Lake, Marianne McDonald, Charlotte Emms, Peter sutton, Julian White, Clare Dornan, Jasmine Cole, Richard Tamblyn, Kristina ,Raimund Karl, Anna Grant, Alexandra Barnes, Sara Scott, Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights, Yo'Av Dar, F.A.B. Fantastic Alternative Brains,Camille Lofters, Bristolcon, Clare Schmitt, Henrik Sörensen, Stephanie Vincent, Kate Macdonald, Kevlin Henney, Amy Maleiß, Sarah Ash, EmmabBooks.com, Natalie.