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Submission Guidelines 

Submission to BOTH Publishing are not open at this time.

Please Read Carefully!

Any submissions that do not conform to our guidelines will be deleted. We  receive a lot of submissions during our open period, and not following the guidelines shows a lack of care on the author’s part.

Submissions should include a cover letter which contains a little bit of info about the entrant submitting and a maximum of one page synopsis which summarises their story. The cover letter and summary should be included at the front of the submission.

Cover Letter Should Include:

  • Title of Work / Word Count / Genre
  • Why you chose to submit your story 

Cover Letter Should Not Include:

  • Author Name / Age or Age Markers (e.g. ‘I retired X years ago’ or similar)
  • Website / Social Media Info


When we are open for subs we are looking for between 8,000- 15,000 words of self-contained short story.

We are speicfily intrested in:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Crime and Thriller 
  • BAMB Authors 

When uploading please ensure the file uploaded is either a Word document and it is named in the format of: your submission title.

All submissions should be in the form of a Word document, in Times New Roman, 12 point and double spaced. Submissions should be saved in the format of: 'your submission title'.