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Dyslexic Friendly

We stock a range of dyslexic friendly books for children and have published books for adults with dyslexia. Check out the BOTH Press Page for exciting news on our 2022 kickstarter.

We have Published 8 amazing books in our 2021 collection. You can find them on our BOTH Press shop page.

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Authors Chrissey Harrison & Joel Cornah join Clevedon independent bookseller Alistair Sims to discuss producing books for this overlooked category and Chrissey previews her debut novel, Mime, out in June.

Many of my family have teased be about this article below.

Dyslexic Man Opens Book Shop - Clevedon


Such quips as 'Dyslexic Man saves the day' and other puns on being a super hero. This is far from the truth, I am not a superhero, those who have encouraged  me and supported me are.

So this bookshop will do the same to others in my position by helping to support and encourage them.

Dyslexic hasn't stopped me dreaming and enjoying a good book, nor should it stop anyone else from doing so. Everyone has the right to enjoy a good story.

Anyone who is Dyslexic or have any questions regarding it is welcome to contact us through this page.  There are very few dyslexic books for adults on the market at the moment and we hope to change this through BOTH press - BOTH press tab on website has more information.




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We are in contact with a Dyslexic friendly book Publisher Barringtons Stoke and have a number of their books in stock.

BooksThey do a large range:

Reading(RA)/Interest Age(IA)

  • RA 6+ IA 5-8
  • RA 6 IA 8-12
  • RA 6 IA 10+
  • RA 6 IA TEEN
  • RA 6.5 IA 10+
  • RA 7 IA 8-12
  • RA 7 IA 9+
  • RA 7 IA TEEN
  • RA 8 IA 8-12
  • RA 8 IA 9+
  • RA 8+ IA 8-12
  • RA 8 IA TEEN
  • RA 9+ IA 10+
  • RA 9+ IA TEEN
  • RA AT LEVEL IA 7-12