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The Best of  Eastercon


Thank you everyone who bought from us and pre-ordered for Eastercon.  We had such a great time, meeting lots of friends and making new ones in the process. We are back and and tierd, though no rest for the wicked as we are back in the shop. We are preping though for our next Con, and will set up a pre-order page soon.  

It was great to meet everyone from all the small press publishers, including Ian Whates and Newcon press and of course Luna Press with Rob and Francesca. And as you see below, I seem to be falling asleep as Rob is chating to me. I will though say, am definely not asleep, honest, even I think my eyes are very strange ;) 


It was also on a personal note a pleasure to be part of the Luna family myself with by book with them coming out 'hopefully' later this year. 


We thought we would keep on this page some of the books that went so well, and what we would call ythe best of Eastercon. So please do Click on any of these absolutely gorgeous front covers to order a book or books.

If there is somthing you really want, and it is not here do please drop us a line at the bottom of the page!


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Click a cover to Buy


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