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    The magical game for the whole family.

    Form infinite landscapes using whimsical cards. Be the first to spot seven identical creatures and collect them. Collect the most cards to win!

    What’s in the box?

    • 60 playing cards

    How to play:

    On your turn, play a card and refill your hand. Each card represents a piece of the forest with its trunks, leaves and fairy characters.

    • Cards showing tree trunks are placed vertically next to each other on the table.
    • Cards showing leaves are placed horizontally on top of trunks.

    If placing your card adds a seventh fairy creature of the same type, call it out loud. You will win all the cards with this fairy creature on it. Regroup the remaining cards and leave them all visible on the table.

    Forest ends when the draw pile is empty and when the players have no more cards to play. The remaining cards on the table go to the last player having collected cards with seven creatures. The player with the most cards at the end wins the game!


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