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Frankly in Love

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  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Paperback Published: 12/09/2019
  • ISBN-13: 9780241373439

Frankly in Love

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Interest age from 11 upwards.

Frank loves Joy. Joy loves Frank. At least, that's what they tell their parents .

. . Frank Li is caught between his parents' expectations and his own California life.

Frank's parents emigrated from Korea, and have pretty much one big rule for Frank - he must only date Korean girls. But Frank has fallen for Brit, who is smart, beautiful and white. His friend Joy Song is in the same boat and so they make a pact: they'll pretend to date each other in order to gain their freedom.

Frank thinks fake-dating is the perfect plan, but it leaves him wondering if he ever really understood love - or himself - at all.


David Yoon

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