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Greenwich Park

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  • Publisher: Raven Books
  • Paperback Published: 01/03/2022
  • ISBN-13: 9781526626509

Greenwich Park

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Helen has it all... Daniel is the perfect husband.

Rory is the perfect brother. Serena is the perfect sister-in-law. And Rachel? Rachel is the perfect nightmare.

When Helen, finally pregnant after years of tragedy, attends her first antenatal class, she is expecting her loving architect husband to arrive soon after, along with her confident, charming brother Rory and his pregnant wife, the effortlessly beautiful Serena. What she is not expecting is Rachel. Extroverted, brash, unsettling single mother-to-be Rachel, who just wants to be Helen's friend.

Who just wants to get know Helen and her friends and her family. Who just wants to know everything about them. Every little secret...

Masterfully plotted and utterly addictive, Greenwich Park is a dark, compelling look at motherhood, friendships, privilege and the secrets we keep to protect ourselves.


Katherine Faulkner

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