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Guest blog: A Thrilling Escape from the Dark Castle – Dice-Rolling Fun!

Another fantastic games evening, this time joined by Jen & Steve as we tried to escape the (very) dark castle. What a great game; choose characters with varying abilities and hope that your team has what it takes to defeat the obstacles throughout the 15 chapters of the castle. Push your luck dice rolling battles, picking up potions and food along the way. A really fun game with little complexity but great atmosphere. I had always avoided this one because I judged it by its cover (I’ll never learn).

“Alistair and Chloe’s Board Game Club, a haven for tabletop gaming enthusiasts. With its relaxed ambiance, knowledgeable hosts, and a diverse range of games, it’s an excellent spot to unwind, socialise, and enjoy some quality gaming time. Whether you’re flying solo or with a group of friends, this club promises an experience that’s both engaging and memorable. The last Thursday of every month. Alistair & Chloe bringing people and meeple together on Hill Road, Clevedon.”
Jim Payne

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