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Guest blog: High Seas Adventure in ‘TORTUGA’ – A Pirate’s Tale

This week we played TORTUGA. The year is 1667 and you are a pirate sailing the waters of the Caribbean. A Spanish Galleon floats nearby, and you’ve talked your crewmates into working together to steal all of its treasure. What you haven’t told your fellow pirates is that you have no intentions on sharing the treasure once you have it. Your crewmates have told you that they share your loyalty and that they’ll help you maroon the greedy pirates on your ship to the rocky island of Tortuga. But you’ve seen your friends’ loaded pistols and heard their whisperings of a mutiny. You know that nobody can be trusted.

As with most games, getting through the rule book when you’re eager to make a start can be a bit of a bind. But there wasn’t anything too complex about this one. After a few rounds it was “plain sailing”. An enjoyable game which I think would be great to play at the full capacity of nine players (we played with 4).

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Jim Payne

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