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How to Crochet Animals: Pets : 25 mini menagerie patterns

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  • Publisher: Pavilion books
  • Hardback Published: 04/03/2021
  • ISBN-13: 9781911641810

How to Crochet Animals: Pets : 25 mini menagerie patterns

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Have fun at the farm with this new collection of minis from Kerry Lord and her Edward's Menagerie animals. This is one of the new gift series from TOFT (Kerry's yarn company), which contains four books, each with 25 crochet patterns on a different theme: Ocean, Wild, Farm and Pets. These mini animals are quick and easy to make so they are perfect for the beginner as well as giving the more advanced crocheter an afternoon's fun.

The books are practically organised so you start with the easiest pattern and, as you grow in confidence, you continue through the book, mastering the art of crocheting animals, from the humble mouse to the angora rabbit, producing high-quality collectibles to keep or give as thoughtful, homemade gifts. This range of mini animals are totally new patterns for fans, new and old, to get hooked to. Sitting at 8cm (3 inches) tall, you can make your own cute collection, which could be used to create a nursery mobile, a board game, key rings and much more! Whether you're in front of the TV, commuting to work or having a relaxing afternoon, these projects are perfect for bringing mindfulness and creativity into your day.

Patterns in the series will include:Pets: Cockapoo, Iguana, Angora Bunny, Tabby Cat, TarantulaFarm: Pony, Alpaca, Sheep, Goat, PigOcean: Whale, Shark, Lobster, Starfish, Manta RayWild: Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Buffalo


Kerry Lord

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