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I'm Sticking With You Too

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  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Paperback Published: 14/10/2021
  • ISBN-13: 9781471193200

I'm Sticking With You Too

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Much-loved characters Bear and Squirrel are back! And they've found the perfect rhythm for their friendship.

Until, that is, Chicken turns up... She wants in! But how will Bear and Squirrel feel about accepting a new friend? Will they come to see that some things work out when we do them together. That two can be good...but three can be BETTER? This beautifully written, gorgeously illustrated follow-up to the bestselling I'm Sticking with You is the perfect book for examining how, even if new friends might disrupt the rhythm at first, the sense of belonging that friendship can bring has the potential to make your heart sing!  


Smriti Halls

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