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Jumbo: The Most Famous Elephant Who Ever Lived

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  • Publisher: Bloomsbury
  • Hardback Published: 03/09/2020
  • ISBN-13: 9781526608581

Jumbo: The Most Famous Elephant Who Ever Lived

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Roll up! Roll up! And meet the incredible, the colossal, the world-famous ... JUMBO!Our story begins in 1860, in the mountains of East Africa, where a baby elephant struggles to his feet and takes his first shaky steps ... This is the deeply touching story of an elephant who captured the world's imagination, brought beautifully to life with enchanting storytelling and gorgeous artwork.

Follow Jumbo's amazing journey from his remote home in the rugged mountains of East Africa and the time he spent delighting visitors with elephant rides and comedy routines at London Zoo. Be amazed by his spectacular stint in P.T. Barnum's 'Greatest Show on Earth' and how he led a herd of elephants across the newly-built Brooklyn Bridge to test its strength.

Discover how Jumbo's remarkable life and legacy transformed our understanding and treatment of these magnificent creatures. With a page-turning narrative by Alexandra Stewart and breathtakingly beautiful artwork by Emily Sutton, the true story of Jumbo's incredible life will fascinate young and old alike.


Alexandra Stewart

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