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News Hounds

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    News Hounds

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    Bob is the stationmaster's dog at Puddle Train Station and a reporter for the Daily Bark, Puddle's best (and only) newspaper for dogs. It's up to Bob to make sure the trains are on time every day. He has everything under control until the day he digs up the SCOOP of a lifetime in the park - a DINOSAUR skeleton! Suddenly Bob's life isn't running like clockwork, it's running WILD, as he and the other News Hounds catch the scent of a dastardly dinosaur THIEF.

    Can Bob pull off a daring dinosaur rescue, or is he on the express train to DISASTER? This young fiction series by the author of Captain Pug is perfect for fans of The Secret Life of Pets and Toto the Ninja Cat.


    Laura James

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