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Once Upon a Lie

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  • Publisher: Piatkus Books
  • Paperback Published: 29/04/2021
  • ISBN-13: 9780349419954

Once Upon a Lie

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Clare and Lorraine have been friends since college and trust each other with their lives. So when Lorraine, a single mother, needs a much-needed night away without her children, she calls on Clare and her husband Sam to look after them. They're godparents - what could go wrong?While Clare and Sam believe the children to be asleep, the unimaginable happens and Clare finds baby Theo lifeless in his room.

The police are called. Statements are taken. But the biggest nightmare for any parent is about to spiral out of control.

Because a lie has been told. An enormous and terrible one. Out of Clare, Sam and Lorraine, one of them isn't telling the truth .


Lisa Ballantyne

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