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Review: Alistair and Chloe’s Board Game Club – A must-visit for tabletop gamers

Jim is a regular at our Games Evenings, and here he shares his thoughts about it.

“Alistair and Chloe’s Board Game Club, a haven for tabletop gaming enthusiasts. With its relaxed ambiance, knowledgeable hosts, and a diverse range of games, it’s an excellent spot to unwind, socialise, and enjoy some quality gaming time. Whether you’re flying solo or with a group of friends, this club promises an experience that’s both engaging and memorable. The last Thursday of every month. Alistair & Chloe bringing people and meeple together on Hill Road, Clevedon.”
Jim Payne

“A real highlight each month! Alistair and Chloe are always so welcoming and have created a great atmosphere where I always feel like I’m learning and making new friends. Such a great way to relax and enjoy!”


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