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The Animals at Lockwood Manor

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  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • Paperback Published: 18/02/2021
  • ISBN-13: 9781529014198

The Animals at Lockwood Manor

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Some secrets are unspoken. Others are unspeakable . .

. August 1939. Thirty-year-old Hetty Cartwright is tasked with the evacuation and safekeeping of the natural history museum's collection of mammals.

Once she and her exhibits arrive at Lockwood Manor, however, where they are to stay for the duration of the war, Hetty soon realizes that she's taken on more than she'd bargained for. Protecting her charges from the irascible Lord Lockwood and resentful servants is work enough, but when some of the animals go missing, and worse, Hetty begins to suspect someone - or something - is stalking her through the darkened corridors of the house. As the disasters mount, Hetty finds herself falling under the spell of Lucy, Lord Lockwood's beautiful but clearly haunted daughter.

But why is Lucy so traumatized? Does she know something she's not telling? And is there any truth to local rumours of ghosts and curses? Part love story, part mystery, The Animals at Lockwood Manor by Jane Healey is a gripping and atmospheric tale of family madness, long-buried secrets and hidden desires.


Jane Healey

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