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The Empire's Ruin

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  • Publisher: Tor
  • Hardback Published: 08/07/2021
  • ISBN-13: 9781509823000

The Empire's Ruin

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The Empire's Ruin is the first book in the epic fantasy Ashes of the Unhewn Throne trilogy by Brian Staveley. If you liked Game of Thrones, you'll love this. One soldier will bear the hopes of an empireThe Kettral were the glory and despair of the Annurian Empire - elite soldiers who rode war hawks into battle.

Now the Kettral's numbers have dwindled and the great empire is dying. Its grip is further weakened by the failure of the kenta gates, which granted instantaneous access to its vast lands. To restore the Kettral, one of its soldiers is given a mission.

Gwenna Sharpe must voyage beyond the edge of the known world, to the mythical nesting grounds of the giant war hawks. The journey will take her through a land that warps and poisons all living things. Yet if she succeeds, she could return a champion, rebuild the Kettral to their former numbers - and help save the empire.

The gates are also essential to the empire's survival, and a monk turned con-artist may hold the key to unlocking them. What they discover will change them and the Annurian Empire forever - if they survive. For deep within the southern reaches of the land, a malevolent force is stirring .


Brian Staveley

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