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The Incredible Pop-Up Maze

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  • Publisher: Templar
  • Hardback Published: 01/10/2020
  • ISBN-13: 9781783706419

The Incredible Pop-Up Maze

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Paper engineer Andy Mansfield pushes the boundaries of pop-ups as we know them in this extraordinary new book. There's only one way into The Incredible Pop-Up Maze - through the hole in the cover. Journey through six 3D labyrinths, each one trickier than the last.

Find your way along suspended spiralling pathways, scale the steps of a precarious pop-up labyrinth and follow the routes under and over flaps. The final mind-boggling maze is the hardest of all, because the routes keep changing. You might have to move the paths to find the way out of the book.

WARNING! Few questers have made it out.


Andy Mansfield

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