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The Man in the Bunker

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    The Man in the Bunker

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    WHAT IF HITLER HAD SURVIVED? Germany, late summer 1945 - The war is over but the country is in ruins. Millions of refugees and holocaust survivors strive to rebuild their lives in displaced persons camps.

    Millions of German soldiers and SS men are held captive in primitive conditions in open-air detention centres. Everywhere, civilians are desperate for food and shelter. No one admits to having voted Nazi, yet many are unrepentant.

    Adolf Hitler is said to have killed himself in his Berlin bunker. But no body was found - and many people believe he is alive. Newspapers are full of stories reporting sightings and theories.

    Even Stalin, whose own troops captured the bunker, has told President Truman he believes the former Fuhrer is not dead. Day by day, American and British intelligence officers subject senior members of the Nazi regime to gruelling interrogation in their quest for their truth. Enter Tom Wilde - the Cambridge professor and spy sent in to find out the truth...


    Rory Clements

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