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What a Wonderful World

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  • Publisher: Templar
  • Hardback Published: 19/08/2021
  • ISBN-13: 9781787418776

What a Wonderful World

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Our world is WONDERFUL - and it's worth protecting. This book takes you on a breathtaking tour of our planet - from towering mountaintops, through grasslands, jungles, rivers, deserts, polar wildernesses and into the blue ocean - to discover the incredible variety of life that calls it home. Along the way, read the stories of 35 inspiring Earth Shakers - children and adults, from tree-planters to scientists, from all around the world - who have taken action to protect it.

Plus, find lots of practical tips and handy resources inside that give you the tools to make a positive change today. With lots of practical tips throughout and handy resources on how to find out more, every budding young activist will be inspired to make a change for a better future. Includes a special foreword from Lee Durrell MBE, of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.


Leisa Stewart-Sharpe

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