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Dyslexia Friendly

Join Alistair as he shares his thoughts, knowledge and experience, as well as overviews of recent events.

Clevedon bookshop owner wins two national awards and raises awareness of dyslexia

Clevedon Literature festival 2023: Our vision for dyslexia friendly books for adults

Interview with Dr. Alistair Sims, Independent Scholar, Dyslexia advocate, Bookseller and Publisher at Books on the Hill/ BOTH press. The Winner of the 'Daily Point of Light Award' on World Book Day 2023 for his work for dyslexia and literacy.

Interview with Snorri Kristjansson

Interview with Snorri Kristjansson discussing his inspiration in writing, and his story Blood Toll and why he was happy to be published in a dyslexic friendly format with BOTH press.

Interview with Natasha Solomons for Clevedon school.

Interview with Natasha Solomons the author of I, Mona Lisa. Discussion on how she goes about being an author when dealing with Dyslexia. This interview is about the book and what inspired it.

Interview with Bernard Cornwell: author of the bestselling Sharpe series

Interview with Bernard Cornwell, discussing his novels and what inspires him to write, touching upon funny historical facts researched in writing and advice to budding authors. We also discuss why he is happy to be published in a dyslexic friendly format with BOTH press.

Interview with James Bennett, author of The Dust of the Red Rose Knight

Interview with the James Bennett, discussing his career as an LGBT author, his tongue and cheek novella set in Arthurian myth and why he decided to publish a dyslexic friendly books with BOTH press.

Interviews with Juliet Mckenna (aka J.M Alvey: the author of Silver for Silence)

Interview with Juliet Mckenna on her inspiration as an author and her 20 + year career she had had as a writer. Touching upon research practice and her reason to publish dyslexic friendly books with BOTH Press.

Discussion between Joel Cornah author of ‘The Breath’, Alistair Sims founder of BOTH press and Books on the Hill, and Chrissey Harrison Designer at BOTH Press

A lively discussion on publishing dyslexic friendly books and the importance of doing so, as well as the trends in publishing, touching on the rise of audiobooks. (This is of Dyslexia Talk video).

Bridging the gap in publishing accessibility

Alistair Sims, a dyslexic bookshop owner, is crowdfunding to publish dyslexic-friendly adult books, aiming to bridge the gap in mainstream publishing and provide accessible reading experiences.

Dyslexia-friendly books released for adults that struggle with reading

This article discusses how BOTH Press creates dyslexia-friendly books with cream pages and clearer text for adults with reading problems.